SEO Checklist 2014: 41 Things to Check NOW | Webrunner

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Here’s the Ultimate SEO Checklist updated for 2014. It’s so thorough, it’s more like a blueprint. Click here to get started with Search Engine Optimization.

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A comprehensive SEO guide for newbies and vets alike

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10 Tips To Build Your Professional Learning Community Infographic

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The How To Build Your Professional Learning Community Infographic presents how you can curate your own professional learning community.

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The How To Build Your Professional Learning Community Infographic presents how you can curate your own professional learning community.

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The Power of Meeting Your Employees’ Needs

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What stands in the way of our being more satisfied and productive at work? That’s the fundamental question we sought to answer in a survey we conducted with HBR last fall. More than 19,000 people, at all levels in companies, across a broad range of industries, have so far responded to the questions we posed.

What we discovered is that people feel better and perform better and more sustainably when four basic needs are met: renewal (physical); value (emotional), focus (mental) and purpose (spiritual).

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor's insight:

Leaders need to consider that performance is best measured by the value they generate, not the hours they put in.

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A good reason to support Argentina: Lionel Messi has Le Marche Origins

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Messi is an incredible son of the Italian community in Rosario that produced the little boy who was dispatched, at 13 years old and just 4ft 10in tall, to Barcelona’s academy from his hometown club of Newell’s Old Boys. Messi’s family heritage is mainly Italian immigrants from the Marche region of the old country, as well as a Spanish great-grandmother. The maiden name of his mother Celia, whose face he has tattooed on his back, is the unmistakeably Italian Cuccittini.
So the footbal player Lionel Messi has origins in Recanati: in 1866, in fact, Angelo Messi was born in Recanati and in 1883 emigrated to Argentina in search of fortune. […]

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Analyzing 11,555 Questions Asked by SEOs: The Moz Q&A Meta Study

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The Moz Community is one of the biggest SEO communities online. Analyzing the Moz Q&A, then, can help us understand what SEOs are really talking and worried about. Here’s the result of analyzing more than 11,000 questions.

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Google’s Payday Loan Algorithm 3.0 Rolling Out Now

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Google is now rolling out the 3rd version of the PayDay Loan algorithm. Last night we reported that Google is going to be launching PayDay Loan 3.0 and Google’s Matt Cutts posted on Twitter moments ago that it is now rolling out. Cutts, Google’s head of search quality said, “it’s rolling out now!” To catch […]

Bonnie Burns's insight:

Payday 3.0 specifically targets spammy queries, versus spammy sites. What exactly that means is not 100% clear. But the types of queries this targets includes terms like [payday loans], [casinos], [viagra] and other forms of highly spammy queries.

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Why Customer Service Online Matters [Infographic]

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24 - 48 hours for an email reply is unacceptable customer service today. You should never send an auto-reply telling a customer to just sit and wait.

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The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link - Search Engine Journal

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In a recent Webmaster video, Matt Cutts confirmed that Google has tried internal versions of its search engine that work entirely without links. The result

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

PageRank is a favorite metric because it is one of the rare “universal” metrics that its easy to see. That said I agree with this post 100%. The metrics that create PageRank (PR) are changing to fast for it to keep up.

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A Curated Collection of Great Landing Pages: Book Land

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Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

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Google changed the search engine market in the ’90s by evaluating a website’s backlinks instead of just the content, like others did. Updates like Panda and …

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