21 Types of Content Your Social Media Followers Crave

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As Google is slowly killing traditional SEO link building methods, we are seeing a wave of content marketing adoption taking over the internet. Google wants you to earn links, not build them.

Peg Corwin's insight:

What to put in your Facebook updates?  Content people crave, shown in this infographic.

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My Moodle Journey Infographic

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My Moodle Journey Infographic by HowToMoodle

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Are You Mentally Tough?

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A number of studies have attempted to further clarify mental toughness, its dimensions, and its development. In one large review, Daniel Gucciardi and colleagues argued that the dimensions that comprise mental toughness influence the way we approach and interpret both positive and negative events, which in turn influence performance.

Research also shows that mental toughness is an ongoing developing process. The attitudes, cognitions, emotions, and personal values that comprise mental toughness develop as a result of repeated exposure to a variety of experiences, challenges, and adversities.

Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor's insight:

Are you mentally tough? Research shows that mental toughness is an ongoing developing process.

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Why You Have Been Thinking of Social All Wrong - How Social Media Supports SEO

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Social media was not intended to be a soapbox for businesses to talk about themselves. Consumers don’t owe your brand anything. They don’t have to share your content, they don’t have to interact with posts and they certainly don’t have to suggest your page to other people.

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Why Employee Engagement Matters

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Daniel Watson's insight:

Whilst many business owners now realise that employee engagement offers a proven methodology for driving the process of delivering desired business outcomes, research shows that the vast majority of employees in the western world, are not engaged to the level that is required to maximise profitability.

While it is one thing to accept that employee engagement is a key element of operating a successful business, it is another thing entirely to understanding exactly why this is the case, and to use this understanding to raise employee engagement to an optimal level.

This excellent article, explains why employee engagement matters, and then it offers advice on how a business should proceed to develop engaged employees who display maximum job satisfaction along with delivering maximum job contribution.

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Social Content Marketing MindMap

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Social Shares Content Marketing Mind Map

Back in 2012 when I originally created this mind map, Google Hangouts were…

Neil Ferree's insight:

A Mind Map can be an effective way to visually represent a process with many moving parts.

In this case, this Mind Map shows the social media channels one would want to have in place to increase their online visibility.

Once your social link wheel is in place, your next step is to connect your social channels so your content curation and syndication model is robust enough so your message has a chance of getting heard.

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The latest in social media (February 2014)

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Wondering if you missed any big announcement in the social media universe last month? The answer lies below.

Cendrine Marrouat - www.socialmediaslant.com's insight:

So many things happened last month! It’s becoming harder and harder to keep up!

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2014 LinkedIn Company Presentation

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This presentation was given by LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference 2014 in San Francisco, California on M…

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The Future of Search: Search IS The Future

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What is coming for SEO? 2014 and the few coming years will be dedicated to improving the quality of search and SEOs/digital marketers will need to expand their reach in order to remain ahead of search.

To summarize successful SEO will rely on:

- A better understanding of audiences at both global and personal levels;

- An optimized user journey across devices;

- Less and more user-centered, personalized content;

- The development of “real” expertise and authority;

 -Being proactive in semantic web standards adoption and optimization.

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10 Radical GIFs that Will Inspire You to Live Life to Its Fullest

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When the path to your life goals is long and unpredictable, it can be easy to become a spectator of your own life. We grow comfortable with the status quo and refuse to make any big changes or take on new challenges.

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